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What is 2B-ACTIF ?

2B-ACTIF is an ayurvedic beverage that helps to build immunity, strength and reduced stress. It is sold in powder form and it needs to be prepared by mixing it in water / milk before consuming.

Who can consume 2B-ACTIF?
While it is considered safe, we suggest that children below 12 years should avoid consuming it. It can be consumed by both men and women.
How to consume 2B-ACTIF?

2B-Actif comes in two flavours – Aqua Fit and Milky way. 2B-ACTIF is sold in powdered form and
needs to be mixed in liquid medium.

  • Aqua Fit – Needs to be mixed in water. Do not mix it in milk.
  • Milky Way – Needs to be mixed in milk. While it can be mixed in water but will not taste good.
How do I chose the flavour?

Aqua Fit – People who prefer to consume with water should opt aqua fit. Its tangy taste is surprisingly refreshing.

Milky Way – People who prefer to consume with milk should opt for Milky Way. Its mango / vanilla flavour is no short of any milk shake.

Does 2B-ACTIF contains sugar?
2B-ACTIF is a diabetic friendly and very low calorie product. It does not have sugar. The sweetener that is used is sucralose which is US FDA recommended for diabetic patients.
Are there any foods or drinks that needs to be avoided after or before taking 2B-ACTIF?
Avoid eating a meal one hour before or after consuming 2B-ACTIF. You may consume snacks.
How much can I take?

While it is safe to consume 2B-ACTIF as all the ingredients are very well within the permissible limits (theoretically, you may consume 10 servings or more), one should start consuming the recommended dose i.e. one serving daily and then you may increase the dose as the body gets use to ayurvedic extracts.

You may also start consuming with less than suggested amount and then increase gradually.

What is the shelf life of 2B-ACTIF?
All the boxes are marked with expiry date. However, once the seal is opened, it is advisable to consume as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t attract moisture.
How should I store 2B-ACTIF?
2B-ACTIF is should be stored in cool and dry place. You may put it in the fridge so that it doesn’t catch moisture. Do not freeze. Avoid exposure to sunlight.
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