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An Ayurvedic Nutrition Beverage

With the objective of creating an athlete from a common man, 2B-ACTIF is a great rejuvenating health beverage that combines the power of Ayurveda with the modern science that leads to better nutrition delivery.

2B-ACTIF is an all-rounder when it comes to playing on the field of health and happiness. You will always emerge victorious if you have it by your side. Fully natural and safe- this is what defines the product.



Superior Quality


And Even Better :

For Calorie Conscious

Diabetic Friendly

Gluten Free


What are the Experts saying ?

Dr. Suvendu Dey

(A doctor nutritionist, fitness trainer)

"An innovative product will better your metabolism and thus you feel more energetic and lively. It will not only help you physically but will also work as stress relaxant. A product that is to give you long term benefits."

Dheeraj Chowdhary

(Owner, Head Trainer @ Believe the Gym)

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