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Aqua Fit


Aqua Fit

How to consume – Put a spoon (provided inside) of 2B-ACTIF in an empty glass and then pour water over it and stir.

Dosage – 1 spoon serving daily.

Monthly Pack

Do not mix with milk. Taste best with water.

612.00 520.00

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An Ayurvedic Nutrition Beverage

With the objective of creating an athlete from a common man, 2B-ACTIF is a great rejuvenating health beverage that combines the power of Ayurveda with the modern science that leads to better nutrition delivery.

2B-ACTIF is an all-rounder when it comes to playing on the field of health and happiness. You will always emerge victorious if you have it by your side. Fully natural and safe- this is what defines the product.



Superior Quality


And Even Better :

For Calorie Conscious

Diabetic Friendly

Gluten Free


What are the Experts saying ?

Dr. Suvendu Dey

(A doctor nutritionist, fitness trainer)

"An innovative product will better your metabolism and thus you feel more energetic and lively. It will not only help you physically but will also work as stress relaxant. A product that is to give you long term benefits."

Dheeraj Chowdhary

(Owner, Head Trainer @ Believe the Gym)

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30 reviews for Aqua Fit

  1. Vineet Singh

    I’m close to 36yrs, following a balanced diet and taking this nutrition. Its takes a few days to show the results. Overall it’s a great product.

  2. Akash Kapoor

    Long ago I took this and again I am using 2b-actif. It helps reduce fatigue and re-energies you.
    Still, follow the instructions given on the package, and I talked to support team they are helping me.

  3. Alok Kumar

    Product is awesome I am feeling energetic now. I bought in 612 rs but now it’s 520 rs. good ayurvedic supplement

  4. Shankar Prasad

    I am just using from 2 weeks, and result I am getting it’s awesome. I bought it because of pure Ayurveda nutrition.

  5. Nitin Das

    Hi, Just finished a monthly pack. Results are awesome. Have tried many Indian brands but never got satisfactory results. 2B-Actif is very superior and active. It is the pure ayurvedic nutrition your body needs it. Go and try once.

  6. Shamshad alam

    I think those peoples who are really busy with their schedules and physically tied… They can use this…

  7. Abhinav Singh

    Product is pure Ayurvedic, taste is also good I don’t know how well it will work I will update the review after using it for one month, rest is good

  8. Advait Chauhan

    I used two flavours in two months 1st Aqua fit and 2nd Milky way. Both products taste were really amazing…But i will suggest you to use atleast 2-3 packs because it’s ayurvedic and it will show you late result.

  9. Akhtar Ali

    Value for money … and it’s really good to relief our mind and energetic

  10. Piyush K.

    Results is good after 3 weeks but only one problem is, taste is not good with milk So please consume with water.

  11. Ajay Gaur

    It’s very useful and good ayurvedic nutrition for everyone

  12. Vipul Kamat

    Great product, I am suffering from stress from last 5-6 months, but after consuming this nutrition from two months, i realized some changing like extra energy, more activeness, focus, and stamina. I use every night after meal.

  13. Kamal Nath

    Really helpful product. Helps reducing overall stress. Nano Curcumin & Ashwagandha is highly recommended for all adults.

  14. Hamza Javed

    Very helpful for high stress office work. A must have for nowadays. Have it only when high in stress. good for sleep as well. Thanks for this nutrition

  15. Dev Singh

    This is my 4th time i’m buying. Highly impressed. Gives me great strength and stamina everyday. I am very happy with this product.

  16. Prashant Mishra

    I have used one pack but It does work for me. thanks

  17. Murli Rathore

    If you need stamina & stress free life then go for it

  18. Abdul Monnaf

    Good paisa washul product. I am using it

  19. Tehsin Usman

    I wrote this review after taking two packs of it.. It really works.. Taking 1 tab daily after some light exercise, it improved my health..

  20. Shantanu Kumar

    Good product for energy and stamina. This is my 2nd package i have ordered.

  21. Irfan Alam

    I think it’s a good product to be use for long term for good results

  22. Jagdish

    2b-actif is a Good product. I have received cash on delivery

  23. Rajesh

    Worth for money.

  24. Ankit Gupta

    It is good and rejuvenating

  25. Govind

    very good ayuvedic product, no side effect and most important.. It showing results after 15 days.

  26. Karamveer

    I’m drinking with water this from past 2 months my stamina and energy improved I loved it

  27. Tauhid Imam

    Very good quality energetic drink

  28. Azhar

    It combines the best of both; nano curcumin and ashwagandha. Both are considered to be good for health. I daily take this water. Though it does not have any taste but very good for stamina and stress

  29. पंकज वर्मा

    बेहतरीन प्रोडक्ट है यह । स्वाद भी अच्छा है । हम अपने मेहमानों को कोल्ड ड्रिंक की जगह इस ही को देते है ।

  30. Ashish

    A nicely made ayurvedic beverage . Ayurveda was never so tastg

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