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Milky Way


Milky Way

How to consume – Put a spoon (provided inside) of 2B-ACTIF in an empty glass and then pour milk over it and stir.

Dosage – 1 spoon serving daily.

Monthly Pack

Taste best with milk

612.00 520.00

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An Ayurvedic Nutrition Beverage

With the objective of creating an athlete from a common man, 2B-ACTIF is a great rejuvenating health beverage that combines the power of Ayurveda with the modern science that leads to better nutrition delivery.

2B-ACTIF is an all-rounder when it comes to playing on the field of health and happiness. You will always emerge victorious if you have it by your side. Fully natural and safe- this is what defines the product.



Superior Quality


And Even Better :

For Calorie Conscious

Diabetic Friendly

Gluten Free


What are the Experts saying ?

Dr. Suvendu Dey

(A doctor nutritionist, fitness trainer)

"An innovative product will better your metabolism and thus you feel more energetic and lively. It will not only help you physically but will also work as stress relaxant. A product that is to give you long term benefits."

Dheeraj Chowdhary

(Owner, Head Trainer @ Believe the Gym)

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18 reviews for Milky Way

  1. Saif Haider

    Good energetic nutrition. satisfied product

  2. Mahendra

    Good product. with water, taste is not good, use with milk or you can buy aqua fit

  3. Ravi Tewatia

    Super and original product. I bought 2 pack 3month ago and I take regularly. No side effects. So, thanks to 2bactif for giving me 100% assured product. I recommend it to other customers.

  4. Kirpal Singh

    As of now i am not getting any issue with this, i bought this because of pure ayurvedic but i did not notice any side effect till now. This is an ayurvedic nutrition so it taste is good, no issue with consume with water or milk. it is good product for low budget nutrition consumers like me.

  5. Good for health

    Good product and great buying experience I got in just 520 Rs.

  6. Subhash Naithani

    Mai gym kar raha hu pichle 1 saal se aur maine try kar raha hu iss supplement ko 3 mahine se ye acha work karta hai mere body ko. bcoz ye ayurvedic nutrison h

  7. Aquib Khan

    I am taking this ayurvedic nutrition from 8-10 days. But now, I can feel energetic. According to doctors, it will take time to show the result. thanks

  8. Subham Kumar

    Mai isko first time use kar raha hu or aaj 17 August se mene isse pina shuru kiya hai mai agale ek mahine k baad fir se apana reveiw dunga ki ye meri body par kesa work kiya. but taste is good.

  9. Virendra Saini

    For the guys who can digest milk properly can go for it, if you have low budget then this nutrition is best option for you.

  10. Sanjay Joshi

    Good product, best for stress and energy, No side effect…

  11. Abdul Rehman

    Using this for 2 months. With proper physical workouts and diet, this thing perform its job nicely upon me, for what it is made for.

  12. Dinesh

    I have been taking my second bottle. One pill twice a day with milk. I started seeing improvements in my body.

  13. Kunal

    No change you will notice after some days. I have used it more than 20 days and it started showing result.

  14. Narendra Tomar

    Got as expected, no breakage or damaged product, excellent packaging, overall happy with order. Let’s see after using it

  15. Nadeem

    I feel good and energetic and I have received free delivery

  16. Shubhma Sharma

    Good results and growth of stamina

  17. Ram Guha

    Good products

  18. Sujay Gowd


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